Healthcare App redesign

Redesigning a companion app for a drug used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The challenge

Create digital design assets and UX recommendations to improve the branding, styling and overall experience of the GSK Eperzan mobile App. The design objectives were:

  • Feel less medical, more human. Credible & therapeutic
  • Consistent and intuitive hierarchy of content that is easily accessible
  • Conforms with AA accessibility standards
  • Encourage increased user engagement
  • Align to Eperzan brand

The purpose of this project was also to use this as a live case example to help:

  • Build understanding of the value of design in the pharma pillar of the GSK business
  • Align to a GSK-wide drive on digital
  • Define the process for future App development

UX Process

  • Expert Review of app
  • Analysis of information architecture
  • New IA recommendation
  • Wireframes to show new app screens and content design
  • Working with Visual Design to produce new design and branding


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