4 days a week

I have now started working 4 days a week. Friday was the first time that I did it. In terms of activities, the day was not just free time, but the crucial bit was that there was no laptop, there was no constant feeling of angst or guilt about “I should be working on something”.

I played “Whatever” by Oasis, full blast, rejoicing in my little moment of freedom in the morning.

But then I did have to prepare to get all my documents ready, checked them again, and headed off to the Nationality registration centre in Croydon. Was so stressful.

But now it’s done – what a huge relief! Now I just have to wait, hopefully should all be fine and I will become a British National after 4o years. Crazy.

Also sent off my drivers licence to the DVLA to get corrected. Tick.

So it was a good feeling to have a day where, though I had lots to do, I could do it without feeling hugely stressed. Went swimming with the kids, and we picked up our friends’ dog for the weekend.

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