All about me

I'm a User Experience consultant who creates great websites and apps by using a mixture of Research, Strategy, Information Architecture and Design.

You can download my Resume or see my LinkedIn profile for more information and contact requests.

What kind of person?

I was born in in Finland, I grew up in my beloved England, and had a great time studying in Edinburgh.

I can be reserved, but I'm also the kid that did Monty Python's silly walk in Scouts when accepting a prize. Sometimes I'll surprise you.

I love live guitar music, greasy food, Scandinavian Design and play Tennis. I also have a family which keeps me busy.

What kind of UX?

I specialise in putting together the best possible User Interface Experiences. I have been a UI Developer, leading teams as the senior guy who puts it all together - advising visual designers, content writers, backend coders, stakeholders and project owners.

I have also been a User Interface Designer as part of my roles, which led me to be responsible for Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping and User Testing.

I believe in outcomes, lean research, working fast, learning quickly, and not being tied to dogma, deliverables and ivory towers.

What kind of job?

I love companies that actually expect to do User Testing, work in a lean/agile way, make more stuff than documents and have a UX culture.

It's a cliché, but it's all about the people. Straight talk and no rockstars.

I work best directly with clients, and in small multi-disciplinary teams.

I like places where I can grow and learn from working on interesting projects with talented people.

And Pub Fridays.