First pandemic flight

I haven’t left my hometown in 4 months.

So it was really strange to find myself getting ready to get in a cab, go to the airport and fly abroad to Finland.

We wore face masks all the way. That was weird and uncomfortable. But it’s something we must get used to. The airport was really quiet, most people wore face masks. In a way it was nice not to have so many people around.

The flight itself was full. No distancing. But pretty much everyone wore their masks – except the younger man besides me. His was off for most of the flight. It was hard for me to keep track as I was listening to a podcast, with my mask on, staring ahead or eyes closed.

Should I say something? Was it worth it? Would it make a difference? I weighed all these things up and in the end I was uncomfortable enough without causing more stress. The stewardess asked him to put his mask on at some point but he soon took it off.

It takes a special kind of arrogance or just stupidity to decide not to follow the rules when everyone around you is being responsible together. Thanks buddy.

But in the end we got to Helsinki airport, took our masks off once we were out of the airport and took a cab. Was that irresponsible too? I guess we figured there was no way we had Covid 19 in a transmissible form, and the numbers in Finland are so low it was ok.

Woke up next morning, looking out to sea. We were free.