I create great websites and apps by using a mixture of Research, Strategy, Information Architecture and Design.

You can download my Resume or see my LinkedIn profile for more information and contact requests.

My Portfolio

What’s my UX flavour?

I specialise in putting together the best possible User Experiences. I advise visual designers, content teams, programmers, stakeholders and project owners. I’m probably what you might call a steady experienced hand at making digital products, and have a unique advantage in having spent my earlier career as a Lead Frontend Developer.

I love design, and have good sensibilities when it comes to quality, but I do not create highly polished visual designs or identities from scratch. For that I work best together with graphic designers.

Super Powers:

  • Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • User testing
  • Training and workshops
  • Experience and love of making User Interfaces

I believe in collaboration, outcomes, good research, paying attention to details, and really trying to understand the problem.

My persona

I was born in in Finland, I grew up in England, and studied in Scotland.

I love live guitar music, Nordic/Scandinavian Design and I play Tennis and run a bit. I also have a family and a cat who keep me busy!

I’m patient, like to listen and think before speaking, and stick to my guns when I’m right.