Is this really happening?

(Dominic Boyer/Cymene Howe)

Another morning, trying to fight down the sheer panic and disbelief.

It’s like this has come out of nowhere.

Except it hasn’t. We’ve been warned for decades about global warming, loss of biodiversity and pollution. I read Al Gore’s Earth in the Balance in University. I heard Midnight Oil singing about it. Greenpeace was always in the news, and as a Student in the 90’s I felt like the world was onboard with doing something about it. That there was plenty of time.

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ToDo Hack

Here’s my todo/pm hack – I use the stickies app on MacOS to list my current projects or tasks, and the length indicates the size or how much is left. Just for approximation.

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Land of a thousand lakes

Something I sketched in Paper awhile ago.

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Pink slime

Pink slime

You know Ghostbusters 2, where there’s all that pink slime and it’s making people really angry and mean? Social media and most popular media is that pink slime.

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Back to the word

And we’re back.

After running Jekyll for a few years, I’m back on WordPress. I just need to write, and easily from any device. I need a workflow that works from anyhwere.

So apologies if things look a little broken, this is a fixer-upper!

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I have been doing full time UX for about 5 years, but I love keeping up with my frontend developer teams, and I’m fascinated to see how they work today.

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