CRU Online

CRU is a business intelligence company, and they have an online platform which subscribers use to access articles and data about commodities based on research and expert knowledge from analysts. The company recognised the need to bring fresh user-centric thinking into the next evolution of the platform, and I have been working on this project for over 2 years.

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The National Archives

The National Archives team believe that archives are for everyone. But with 34 million record descriptions available, incomplete and inconsistent metadata, and the difficulty most people have with the mental model for finding something in the archives it can be easy for people to feel overwhelmed.

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A Service Blueprint

Knowledge Base+ (KB+), provided by Jisc, is a shared community service to help UK academic libraries manage their electronic resources more efficiently. It is managed by a team of Data Managers, who help customers keep data current and accurate, as well as providing other customer support.

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