Lake Titicaca

We just got back from a cool trip on Lake Titicaca, the famous body of water that borders Bolivia and Peru. We took a boat out and visited the man made reed Islands of Uros, and then continued on to the lovely Island of Amantaní, where we stayed with a local family that put us up for the night.

Life is very basic on this island, but the people seem happy and are very hospitable. Our adoptive mother cooked us amazing local food in the most basic of kitchens, which would put most of us with our fancy kitchens to shame! We played football against the locals (not sure who won really), then we had a really fun dancing party in the evening where the locals dressed us up in traditional clothes for the occasion. The womens garments were really beautiful and colourful, whilst the men had to make do with ponchos (i quite liked mine) and those silly pointed woollen hats that abound in the Andes. We had a really good night, bit of wine and dancing with the locals to music from the local bands which included 2 kids from our family. 

The family we stayed with where really nice, and had 4 kids, including their 5 year old son Oscar who was a real character. It definitely was a worthwhile experience and once again showed us how different life can be around the world.

Now we are back in Puno, and the next stops will be Cuzco, the Amazon jungle and Machu Picchu – cant wait!