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  • Don’t replace, augment

    Don’t replace, augment

    When considering what exactly lies ahead when we consider the potential impacts of ever-accelarating advances in Machine Learning and various forms of Artificial Intelligence, my favourite diagram is this one.

  • Why does digital still suck for reading?

    Why does digital still suck for reading?

    I love to read. I read a lot of books, I love a good magazine, and I am really partial to the design of the Weekend Financial Times. It seems like print is still king when it comes to creative layouts that have impact and that are a pleasure to look at and read.

  • Working in digital

    Working in digital

    Do you remember when people first started talking about this new kind of industry you could get into: ‘New Media’, ‘Digital’, ‘Web Design’? I do!

  • Are you Agile?

    Are you Agile?

    I think that most companies that say they practice Agile are kidding themselves.

  • Computers and HTML

    Computers and HTML

    Growing up I got into computers around the age of 7. I started with a ZX Spectrum +, then a +2, then an Atari ST.

  • My latest wireframing /prototyping tool

    Reusable, portable, rapid, infinite battery life.

  • RWD – where my journey began

    So stoked that I found this page in an old notebook of mine. I used it when I went to the FOWD 2010 conference, and heard a talk by Ethan Marcotte that changed my whole approach to making websites.

  • Web Design is not dead

    Web Design is not dead

    I must say that I don’t fully understand the assertion that the days are numbered for people who know how to plan, write and optimise semantic, lean, mean HTML and CSS.

  • Viewing local MAMP sites in connected devices

    I recently wanted to start using real devices more as I  develop web sites locally, using MAMP as my web server,  so I can see how they respond to my code changes almost immediately. My starting point was to try out Adobe’s Edge Inspect, but I quickly came across the same problem that most people…