A new beginning

The first ever posting on my own blog…it’s so…exciting.

Anyway- why?: Because I am quitting my job in London and flying off to the other side of the world, with no other plan than to change the status quo. My plan is non existent, but that makes it the greatest plan of all, it’s open to any possibilities that might come my way.

This blog is here so that friends and family can follow my progress (or lack of), without my bombarding them with tedious emails about how great travelling is. Because we all love getting those when its pissing it down with rain, as you are staring out of your bleak little (London) office window.

Anyway, I won’t write anymore until I make this thing look nice.

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6 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Great site Ville and nice photos. The Oktoberfest looked wonderful – wish I had been there with you. Hey, I found some photos from my wedding on your site – I didn’t know you’d posted ’em. Enjoy Australia Sizzlechest…

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