2 movies

First, don’t go and see The New World. I think Terence Malick is pretty amazing as a director, and does shoot this movie incredibly well in terms of cinematography- it’s very poetic. However there is no excuse for putting out a movie of such incredible tedium, it’s totally over-indulgent and would have been fine if he had cut the last hour of the movie out.

Second, everyone needs to see In The Shadow Of The Palms – Iraq.

This is a movie that everyone should see, especially in England and the
USA. After watching this you cannot help but be moved by the
realisation of what is happening to ordinary Iraqis, it’s a total
disgrace. If, like me, you couldn’t quite connect on an emotional
humanitarian level with what is happening there, because of the spin
given to the conflict by western media, this will certainly change

This is a remarkable piece of film making, not only because it is the
only footage I have seen that shows the reality of war for Iraqis, and
because it is so well shot and put together. Well done Wayne
Coles-Janess .






3 responses to “2 movies”

  1. benoyt Avatar

    being bombarded by commercial junk most of the year a must-see recommendation is always appreciated. chrz pal.

  2. antone Avatar

    Agree with the slightly narcoleptic New World, however her performance more than makes up for the tedium. I’ll definetly check out the other one, if it ever comes out here.
    I’ve myself been seeing some intellectual films such as MI3, and really, it’s not that bad (in a guilty pleasure kinda way). You’ll probably catch that on your flight(s) back.

  3. Ville Avatar

    Can’t wait hehe. If only I didn’t hate Cruise.