That beach

Starting from Renata´s flat we started walking around the lagoon (Lagua) to get to the Ipanema beach. Lots of brasileiro´s were jogging and cycling past us, it was a real shame we forgot our running shoes in London…

Ipanema beach was as wonderful as I´d always imagined, with beautiful white sands, blue seas and tall, tanned, yound and lovely people everywhere.  Ahhh…

We walked the lenght of the beach and took lots of photos of the Sugar Loaf mountain as we were approaching it. Except that it wasn´t the Sugar Loaf mountain, as we later discovered from Renata who had found our texts trying to explain where we were highly amusing.

The night ended splendidly in Casa Rosa with samba music, a great capoeira performance, and funky favela rhythms. Perfect first day in Rio! 

2 thoughts on “That beach

  1. Great start! You both look so sweet and pink on that beach. Guess that will have to change pretty soon, – the flesh tone, I mean. Check those mountains carefully before spending too much “film”.

    Lots of sunshine in Helsinki too. Spring is on the way after last week’s cold spell.

    Good luck. Enjoy!


  2. Hei:) sounds like you are having a great adventure-photos look good!

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