Muy Bonito!

After hot Asuncion we headed to back to Brazil. The bus had airconditioning this time, so in principle the 5-6 hr journey was going to more comfortable than the cattle-car experience previously.

Only the driver decided to earn a few extra guaranis and the coach stopped literally every 5-10 minutes to pick up a few ‘extra’ locals, who stood in the aisle as the bus was fully booked. During the trip (which in the end lasted 7 hours due to the extra stops), over 30 additional passengers with all their luggage boarded and got off the bus. Some had small children in their laps, there was even a whole family with 3 kids.  Amongst all this,  people selling drinks, snacks, sun glasses, watches, DVDs or razor blades would occasionally get on the coach and negotiate their way past all the passengers and get off at the next stop.  All part of the Latin America experience!!

Instead of the quick overnight stay at the completely unremarkable border town Ponta Bora, we ended up spending the morning waiting for the federal police (who also act as the immigration office) to finish the aftermath of a big drug bust from the previous night. All part of the…

We finally arrived in Bonito (‘pretty’ in Portuguese), which is true to its name – nice, small relaxing little town after the big, busy cities.  A lot of Brasilians come here on holiday e.g. from Sao Paulo.

Today we went snorkeling down Rio da Prata, a crystal clear shallow river which is full of freshwater fish.  Slowly drifting down the warm waters (+24C) for over an hour spotting fish, occasionally popping your head out of the water to see birds and other animals on the river banks was easily the best snorkeling experience we´ve had.  Photos on the Rio da Prata site.

It’s a shame to leave Bonito already tomorrow, as there would have been loads of other good day trips to do here!






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    sounds like you are getting an action packet worth of every penny -and so much extras !!!