Week 1 – Sunday

Spent Friday morning cleaning the house (I work a 4 day week currently). Then in the afternoon I cleared the garage out a little bit, expecting that we must make use of all of our spaces around our property as much as possible in the weeks to come. Ordered a huge Indian take away in the evening.

Saturday morning I spent trouble-shooting how to get Google child accounts and Family Link (which supervises the children’s tablet use) to play nice with trying to use an educational account with Google classroom. It wasn’t easy (solution was to not use child accounts, setup a normal gmail account and then supervise it).

Then in the afternoon I decided to FIX EVERYTHING in the house that I’ve been meaning to do in the past few weeks. I managed to:

  • Fix a broken light switch
  • Fixed the dishwasher blockage
  • Put up two reading wall lamps in our bedroom
  • Reading wall lamp for my son
  • Airplane shelf into my son’s new room
  • Fix a really stiff door handle/latch to our room
  • Repair some scuff marks on the walls

It’s amazing what you can get done when there’s nowhere to go, and nothing planned for the weekend.

In the late afternoon we baked Cinnamon buns and then toasted our neighbour’s 64th Birthday, over the garden fence so as to comply with distancing rules and not technically gathering in one place. We did the same last week for my wife’s birthday, it’s great, it’s a new thing, the “over the fence late afternoon birthday drinks”!

Next weekend it will be time for mine.

Today was pretty easy going, kids spent the whole day in their pyjamas, I spent 3/4 in mine, caught up on 4 weekends worth of New York Times (gasp) International print editions, played Lego with my son, watched a movie together.

I’m trying to tell my brain that there’s no point thinking things will go back to normal, or it’s not fair, or it’s all a dream, or that it will end any time soon. But it’s hard.

Still, a good weekend.