Week 4 – Monday

Slightly gloomy drizzly start to the day, but it then brightened by the afternoon. The kids are on holiday for 2 weeks, so we’re alternating days off.

The usual morning standup was less plucky today, you could see on colleagues faces how fed up they were getting. Last two weeks of working on our project with The National Archives.

I managed a half hour break in the garden with the kids, played a little swing ball to practice our coordination skills.

The Prime Minister (Boris Johnson) has been admitted into intensive care as his condition has worsened. The death count is above 5,000 now in the UK.

The advice and prognosis changes everyday. Wearing masks was deemed a waste of time a few weeks ago, now it might be a good idea. It seems anyone can get the nasty life threatening form of the virus, tho the elderly and immune compromised are still most at risk. A Finnish study suggests that a sneeze in a supermarket would reach far and wide in the store. It’s unclear what a mild version is now, perhaps because of people relating how bad they had it.

Still, all we can do is stay home as much as possible, distance, and hope we can navigate out the other side of this onslaught. There are lots of really clever people looking at this from all angles, so hopefully we can start getting some kind of gradual stabilisation and slow road to recovery. We need more equipment, we need drugs to treat symptoms and we need vaccines and herd immunity.

When this will happen and how is still too far off to contemplate. But we have to get really good at shutting these things down in the future.

I’m scared, I’m bored, I’m annoyed. I’m reflecting on how some of my anxieties would plague me anyway, whilst others are direct worries about this pandemic and what it’s doing to us all.

Fuck this.