Week 7 – Wednesday

This week feels hard. Going for runs and doing body weight exercises keeps me sane. At the weekend I weeded and cleaned the back patio: arduous work that feels good because you don’t think too much.

I think I need to switch off twitter again, stop reading the news. Too many things that make you angry, sad, scared, depressed and anxious. What’s the good in getting caught up in it?

Having a problem with reality again. The new normal. I read someplace that it’s better for you if you just accept that things won’t go back to normal. Hoping they will just might just break your heart one day.

Watching latest David Attenborough series with the kids, really enjoyable but at the same time bleak messages. Even if this pandemic goes away, the planet is still in bad shape because of us. We’re destroying it, and have been for decades.

I wonder about ‘going back to normal’. What does that mean? There are so many bad situations and shitty people out there, many of them in high office. People in wars, people in poor countries, people in captivity. People with little food, no clean water, no safe family home to sleep in.

It’s also a little hard to separate what would be making me sad anyway, and what is because of this pandemic. I think I’m looking for something, some answers, some meaning. Why does the world have to be the way it is?