Week 11 – Tuesday

The gradual easing continues, but things aren’t much easier for a lot of folks.

Theme of this week has been the tragic death of an African American man, George Floyd, during an arrest. Despite all the talk of people coming together and it bring a great leveller, black people are still living lives against the odds, against prejudice, racism, violence, you name it. It’s not fair and in my naïveté I thought the world was progressing away from this kind of injustice.

Again I return to the idea of returning to normal. Things haven’t been great for awhile. The USA is being led by a truly horrific fascist buffoon and his minions. The UK has once again fooled itself into believing false narratives about its glorious past, and is being led by a charlatan and his colleagues. Incompetence and arrogance seem to be virtues people respect.

Climate change is still happening of course. Morally corrupt selfish cowardly politicians are doing their best to accelerate it by supporting the corporations that profit from it.

And Coronavirus is still very much with us, spreading globally and killing hundreds every day. Scary shit. No clear answers about it, what it exactly is, how it affects people so differently. All we can seem to do is muddle forward and hope for the best.

If I sound downbeat it’s because I am. Right now it’s hard to look forward to something bigger and better as everything seems so bloody awful. I do appreciate the daily good things, and that’s what I have to stay focused on. Keep exercising, take care of the family, try to stay busy. Beyond that it’s all a bit grim.