Week 12 – Wednesday

A strange week.

George Floyd was killed on 25th May by a policeman in Minneapolis. He’s not the first, but it was caught on a smartphone by a brave girl. Since then we’ve had riots in the US and internationally, calling for racial justice. Statues of oppression, of slave owners, are being toppled in cities around the world. There’s real momentum to actually change something rotten that hasn’t really changed much in a hundred years.

The United Kingdom claimed pole position as having the most deaths from Coronavirus compared to Europe as a whole. The cabinet seems incompetent and slow to act, and people are angry.

My aunt died in Finland, from cancer.

I’m also bored as bored can be. Even though I know I’ll get even more bored than this as the situation will continue and will change our world for the foreseeable future.

But perhaps, out of all this darkness we’ll see a sudden awakening to all that was actually very wrong in this world of ours, and we’ll start to fix those things. Individually, maybe I can change my thinking to be more positive, and to think how I can use that to help drive change in myself, my family, my street, my town..you get the idea.