Week 1 – Monday

So it begins.

Yesterday I was folding up the laundry, and there was quite a few of the kids’ school clothes in the mix – jumpers, cardigans, grey trousers…as I was folding I realised that this set might well now not be worn again by the kids. Somehow a little sad.

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Mothering Sunday

Woke up at 5.30, then half fell asleep before getting up at 7.30 to get things ready for a nice Mother’s Day breakfast. Went to pick up some beautiful flowers from our local florist. The shop was full of different orders waiting to be picked up, with slightly furtive staff.

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First week at home

So that’s the first working week at home done. So far, being in the software industry, it seems totally manageable to work remotely. People do it all the time! Just requires a little mindset shift and the necessary equipment and broadband. I worry for people that cannot do this, and salute our key workers.

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Covid-19 UK

Well that escalated quickly.

I am writing this post in the first week of national lockdown in the United Kingdom, due to the emergence of a global coronavirus pandemic called Covid-19 which is spreading throughout the world with devastating consequences.

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