Week 12 – Wednesday

A strange week.

George Floyd was killed on 25th May by a policeman in Minneapolis. He’s not the first, but it was caught on a smartphone by a brave girl. Since then we’ve had riots in the US and internationally, calling for racial justice. Statues of oppression, of slave owners, are being toppled in cities around the world. There’s real momentum to actually change something rotten that hasn’t really changed much in a hundred years.

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Week 5 – Thursday

It’s suddenly nearing the end of the second week of the Easter ’break’, we had a gorgeous sunny Easter weekend with temperatures peaking at 24 degrees in the afternoon. Took trips to the local woods with the kids to play on hidden swings by streams, played some frisbee, hung out in the garden just reading and relaxing.

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Week 4 – Monday

Slightly gloomy drizzly start to the day, but it then brightened by the afternoon. The kids are on holiday for 2 weeks, so we’re alternating days off.

The usual morning standup was less plucky today, you could see on colleagues faces how fed up they were getting. Last two weeks of working on our project with The National Archives.

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It was my birthday today.

We have spent the past 3 weekends celebrating birthdays with our neighbours, two from our side and one from theirs. During the week we agree a time for meeting up in our back gardens for a glass of Champagne. Usually a Saturday, 5 or 6 O’clock. We pop the cork, and chat over the fence but keep a safe distance. It’s somehow a wonderful new ritual, but awful how fast this has become a reality.

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Week 1 – Sunday

Spent Friday morning cleaning the house (I work a 4 day week currently). Then in the afternoon I cleared the garage out a little bit, expecting that we must make use of all of our spaces around our property as much as possible in the weeks to come. Ordered a huge Indian take away in the evening.

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