halloween 06


I went to a fantastic Halloween party this weekend, unprepared for the level of dressing up that actually happened at the party – the call to costume was taken very seriously!

Partly I blame this on the fact that usually when people in London say that a party is fancy dress, most of the blokes just don’t bother because they know most of the blokes just won’t bother.

But then the other reasons are:

a) The party was full of foreigners and Americans, who are always tend to get more enthusiastic and full on about any party occasion that the Brits*

b) I’m a lazy git

*except when british blokes get a chance to dress up in womens clothing – then you cant stop us.

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Autumn is here

Yessir, it’s definitely arrived, bringing that fresh little chill into the air. To mark the occasion i made a quick autumnal theme for this blog, passes the time and keeps the skills sharp…hope you like it!

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Just when you thought it was safeā€¦

I was bored today so I made a new style for this beauty (you can get the old/new style with the theme selector on the right hand side bar)…whether this means I’ll ever write anything else again is debatable, but heck, at least I’m trying to remember all that style stuff. I don’t have broadband at home so picture posting is going very slowly (plus there’s not much to say as I’m working again in London). But off to Finland this weekend, yipeee, so might have some new content for flickr.

Hope everyone is travelling well.

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