• Back from down South

    South America that is- Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. 6 weeks of truly inspired travel, amazing sights, hairy bus rides, deadly rides….the blogging continued on another site…now I’m back, new flat, time to make money again…

  • Pumping no more

    That’s right, I quit the gym today. I’ve been going less and less since New Year (I always like to oppose popular trends), and now that the weather is getting towards more summery conditions, I want to be outside more! I went once last week, and tonight I went again just to give it a…

  • 33

    I am 33. I like the number, so I won’t complain about getting older this year! It is also the Atomic number for Arsenic, and Jesus’ age when he was crucified!

  • An American perspective on terror

    This is from an American friend of mine who went to work in Syria last year, but had to return following the attack on the US embassy in Damascus. She returned shaken but unharmed to the States. Lately she has been disturbed by the number of (negative) forwards she gets about Muslims in America, and…

  • Oh I’m-quite- sure

    ..the death star will be fully operational against your pitiful…little…band. Danny Bensi doing his Palpatine. www.tarantulamusic.com

  • Competitive c**ts

    What the hell is wrong with some people? Have they all been watching Balboa? Or is it something akin to road rage that I have been faced with recently, on my jogs along the delightful riverside from Vauxhall to Waterloo Bridge and back? My run was going rather well, I was pacing myself just enough…

  • My new specs

    I have glasses now, all those years of being a web monkey are taking their toll…

  • warm pad

    Its freezing outside. Unlike my last flat in Vauxhall, aka THE FREEZER, this one is suitable for Nordic types who believe that there really isnt any reason for your house to be cold, no matter what the outside temperature. Ihanaa 🙂

  • Giggedy giggedy goo!

    Staying in tonight, not a problem!

  • halloween 06

    I went to a fantastic Halloween party this weekend, unprepared for the level of dressing up that actually happened at the party – the call to costume was taken very seriously! Partly I blame this on the fact that usually when people in London say that a party is fancy dress, most of the blokes…

  • My room, sans Winnie and Piglet

    My room, sans Winnie and Piglet, originally uploaded by chillfinn. Winnie the pooh, Winnie the pooh, what could I do, I didnt think the girls would like you. Toodle-loo.

  • Real beauty

    All is not as it seems, check out the mad photoshop skills

  • Autumn is here

    Yessir, it’s definitely arrived, bringing that fresh little chill into the air. To mark the occasion i made a quick autumnal theme for this blog, passes the time and keeps the skills sharp…hope you like it!

  • Just when you thought it was safe…

    I was bored today so I made a new style for this beauty (you can get the old/new style with the theme selector on the right hand side bar)…whether this means I’ll ever write anything else again is debatable, but heck, at least I’m trying to remember all that style stuff. I don’t have broadband…