• Web Design is not dead

    Web Design is not dead

    I must say that I don’t fully understand the assertion that the days are numbered for people who know how to plan, write and optimise semantic, lean, mean HTML and CSS.

  • Economy Class on Pan Am 747 in the late 60’s

    This encapsulates so much of what I think about how the world has changed for people. You can’t compare this to the experience you have nowadays in commercial air travel. [Sourced from @HistoryInPics]  

  • wtf gmail contacts?

    So this probably got implemented awhile ago, but how the blazes are you supposed to know that contacts are found by clicking on the Gmail word with the tiny arrow? This is an example of trying to minimise the interface at the cost of usability, with negative results.

  • Ready for liftoff?

    This washing machine looks like you need a degree in rocket science to start a wash cycle! Seriously, if you had to guess at which buttons and dials you needed to operate, in which sequence, and the logic behind some of the groupings is, how would you fare?

  • Coffee anyone?

    I know this is an established design, but I bet most people don’t understand the affordance in this lid for getting liquid out and into your cup.

  • Going down?

    This was in a shopping mall elevator in Turku, Finland. Can you figure out how the buttons relate to where you need to go?!

  • Marks and Spencer self checkout

    This one has bugged me for a while. Seems like a disconnect between the software and the planning of the self-checkout terminal. Here’s what happens: You scan in your items You choose to pay (by card) You are asked to insert your card, so you move to the card reader and gaze at it… Meanwhile,…