I made a conscious decision to pretty much stay off twitter earlier this year. It is a terrible time-suck, it is a firehose of all kinds of things that will rob you of your sanity and faith in humankind. It also did not help my state of anxiety at the time.

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Good design is useful

Magnetic Toast Tongs

I love this as an example of great product design – inexpensive, durable, brilliantly thought out to fit a common pain point. The little magnet clips them to your toaster so they’re alway within reach, the tongs feel nice to grip, and perfect for fising out those smaller toasts that dont poke out far enough, or larger items that are a bit stuck.

I’ve used them pretty much everyday since I bought them (actually my kids did whilst on a random shopping spree in Canterbury).

The National Archives

The National Archives team believe that archives are for everyone. But with 34 million record descriptions available, incomplete and inconsistent metadata, and the difficulty most people have with the mental model for finding something in the archives it can be easy for people to feel overwhelmed.

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UX Designer wanted

Issue 1/20 of Grafia

Was reading this article about UX Designers in Grafia (a Finnish Graphic Design magazine), and I had to laugh at this because so far in my experience it rings really true. The definition and reality of what your role as a UX Designer can vary a great deal.

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Every time I go into macOS settings, I think I have a notification about notifications. In general that little red dot has become a horrible, ubiquitous distraction.

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ToDo Hack

Here’s my todo/pm hack – I use the stickies app on MacOS to list my current projects or tasks, and the length indicates the size or how much is left. Just for approximation.

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