How to make a burger

2 very minimalist approaches:

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My favourite MP3 player of all time

Sleek, light, shiny perfection.

It worked, stored almost 4GB of songs, didn’t get updates that slowed it down to a crawl, and didn’t require your facetime all that much.

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wtf gmail contacts?

So this probably got implemented awhile ago, but how the blazes are you supposed to know that contacts are found by clicking on the Gmail word with the tiny arrow?

This is an example of trying to minimise the interface at the cost of usability, with negative results.

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Ready for liftoff?

This washing machine looks like you need a degree in rocket science to start a wash cycle!

Seriously, if you had to guess at which buttons and dials you needed to operate, in which sequence, and the logic behind some of the groupings is, how would you fare?

Coffee anyone?

I know this is an established design, but I bet most people don’t understand the affordance in this lid for getting liquid out and into your cup.

Going down?

This was in a shopping mall elevator in Turku, Finland. Can you figure out how the buttons relate to where you need to go?!

Marks and Spencer self checkout

M&S Self checkout

This one has bugged me for a while. Seems like a disconnect between the software and the planning of the self-checkout terminal. Here’s what happens:

  1. You scan in your items
  2. You choose to pay (by card)
  3. You are asked to insert your card, so you move to the card reader and gaze at it…
  4. Meanwhile, the main display is asking you a question about cashback, which you don’t notice because you are staring at the card reader and waiting to enter your pin!

It could have been better designed by either having the card reader close to the main display, or having the question about cashback coming up before you are asked to enter your card (which makes more sense anyway).

Papa’s got a brand new bag

The old John Rocca was getting a bit too funky, upgraded to a nice Marimekko bag!

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Weezer in 8-bit

This is just awesome, any 30 somethings out there will remember trying to make some tunes on the C64 and the like…of course these songs are a little better than what I achieved.



The Rules of Travelling

During our trip in South America we always joked about the Rules of Travelling: basic rules of thumb that ensure that you get the most out of your travels with the least amount of hassle/pain/irritation, especially when backpacking. These will also work on city trips.

The Rules have been developed and refined on the numerous trips we’ve collectively made throughout the last 30-or-so years. As my last post, I want to share them with you.

  1. Drink water whenever you can. Sub rule: Always take a water bottle with you wherever you go.
  2. Use the toilet whenever you can. You never know when/what the next toilet is going to be like.  Sub rule: Always carry toilet paper and antiseptic hand gel on you.
  3. Withdraw/exchange money whenever you can.
  4. Sleep whenever you can. You never know when the next comfortable bed will be available.
  5. Eat whenever you can. Sub rule: Always carry snacks with you, ideally enough to cover one whole meal.
  6. Always take a water/wind proof jacket with you. It can rain/blow even in the most unlikely places.
  7. Always have basic medication with you to last two days. Someone is going to need it.
  8. If in doubt, add more sun tan lotion. You get burned in the most unlikely places.
  9. If in doubt, take the photo. You can always delete it later. Subrule: Upload the photos whenever you can. The next internet caf is likely to have a really slow connection 🙂
  10. Finally a top tip for preventing “holiday hangover”: start planning your next trip while travelling. Even better if you can book it before you go!

P.S. Check out our 50 favourite photos from the trip

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