Back up there!

Okay peeps, just like my decision to take off down under came outta almost nowhere, I can announce that I am heading back to blighty next month!

I’ve had a beautiful time here, but in my gut I feel like it’s time to come back even though I haven’t managed to see alot of things here, the place is just too damn big to do it in one go at a leisurely pace. Oh, I’ve fretted and thought about the possible amazing things that I could still see if I stayed and worked doing odd jobs along the way, but I can only take so much hostelling and meeting drunken teenage backpackers in one year. And I’ve done alot more than most of the muppets that come here and never leave Bondi beach. And old Mr Mastercard is very upset with me, so I better get my sorry ass back to the real world and appease the beauty.

And last but definitely not least, I actually miss some of you more than half as much as I thought I would (or whatever B Baggins would say) 🙂

23rd May, someone is givin me a couch to sleep on for a bit 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Back up there!

  1. Dude, well it will be great to have you back over here for our summer. The weather is picking up and we need you over here to have a few beers.

    Rock on

  2. ah mon petit chat
    c’est une surprise alors! can’t wait to share some virtual beers with you on your return, listening to some epic stories…
    Enjoy your last month over there 🙂

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