Sunday thoughts

Hmm, just occurred to me that soon this blog is going to sleep – I like to think I’m not such a geek that I’d carry on blogging at home! Photos yes, bla bla no. Unless I make a separate one. Who knows.

So anyway, there might still be time for one or two more stories before I head back to London (only 3 weeks to go!!)…but currently I’m just staying in, doing work again for good old Investis, and trying to get a new room mate in here to take my place…. so not much to tell I’m afraid 🙂

And now for promotion, if you like music and want a good COMMERCIAL FREE radio station, check out

It’s not going to give you edgy underground music, but it does play lots of stuff I like, alternative stuff, sometimes alt country etc…check it out, I don’t know of a better station! And Bill the DJ sounds pretty chilled out.