Pumping no more

Arnie pumping IronThat’s right, I quit the gym today. I’ve been going less and less since New Year (I always like to oppose popular trends), and now that the weather is getting towards more summery conditions, I want to be outside more!

I went once last week, and tonight I went again just to give it a go. I cycled for 10 mins, looking around at all the people grimacing indoors in the vast sweaty hall of pain, and decided that I just did not have one single ounce of motivation left in me. I can now run outside without freezing, instead of on the hamster tread, I can play Tennis instead of Squash, and I’m never going to get bulky without eating 10 meals a day and pumping iron like an Austrian madman. So why bother?!

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One thought on “Pumping no more

  1. Yo Ville, long time no speak, how are you? Thought you ought to know that we are moving back home from NZ in July. Speak to you soon. Dave P from Basement Flat

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