Wet planes

Courtesy of Iberia airlines, we´re spending the night in Madrid after missing our connection from Madrid to Rio today. Our flight, for which we had to get up at 04:30 – somewhat painful after a few (too many) leaving drinks last night – was late leaving Heathrow because the plane was “wet”. Yes, that´s right, the plane was too wet to leave on time. No, we didn´t know that was possible either.  

Nevermind, we got an extra night´s rest before the 10hr flight to Rio, with three meals thrown in by Iberia.  V´s very excited about the bed in our room – it´s wider than it´s long!! 

P.S. The Madrid airport is like a huge, not very well signed maze and the staff seems to be almost as confused about it as the passengers are – leave plenty of time if transferring in Madrid!

One thought on “Wet planes

  1. How interesting. I thought that an inability to cope with entirely predictable weather conditions (e.g. “leaves on the line”) was an exclusively British condition, but it would seem it’s at least a European phenomenon. Good luck on the rest of the voyage to Rio.

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