Si si si, hehehehe

Yes, disappointing but sh*t happens!

I think we may have to get used to the Latino style of “doing” things…nobody at the airport seemed to know exactly what we should do or where we should go, I even suspect that at least two of the airport staff has no actual clue as to where they were in the building.

Of course no apologies were offered to us (or any of the other countless passengers that missed their flights to South America), my favourite moment was when we went to the customer services desk to explain our unfortunate situation and we were greeted by a clerk who seemed content to laugh like some bandito from a bad Mexican movie whilst explaining to us that we would be spending the night at the airport hotel.

However we are content to be in an already warmer climate, its very pleasant here in Madrid, and the hotel room is super nice as we upgraded to the biggest bed I have ever seen – yes, my feet are at least an inch away from the edge wherever I lie!

Time for dinner, hopefully served by the same Spanish version of Basil Fawlty who served us our lunch.

Next post, Rio!!

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  1. Jihuu 🙂 sounds like an exciting start for the trip-its a different world out there-MANANA 🙂 at least you had the chance to see something of Madrid-look at the positive side of it-heh !!!

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