About Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is 3 times the size of Paris, and the official estimates for the population of Sao Paulo are between 18-24 million – the error margin is bigger than the whole population of Finland!!  It´s a crazy, busy, polluted, and at times quite a depressing place to visit. On the way from Paraty (the last 1.5 hrs of the 6hr bus trip were within Sao Paulo) we saw favela after favela, and a high security prisons with watch towers in each corner.  We got the ´big city angst´ straight away!

On the lighter side the Sao Paulo´s Museum of Art (MASP) had a good collection of Brasilian modern art and a Tatsumi Orimoto retrospective featuring photos from Orimoto´s performances, including his famous alter ego, Bread Man. More on Orimoto.

Also, the highlight of our hotel, which was otherwise a real dump, was finding the local Kiss FM which played fantastic 80´s and 90´s rock anthems. Genesis, REM, Guns&Roses, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi – you name it!! 






2 responses to “About Sao Paulo”

  1. Marco Avatar

    yuck to big cities! unless you live in one ahem 🙂

  2. Anne Avatar

    Orimoto really strikes. Your MASP photos great, my favorite # 142 ( lost of white and a patch of of green).