“Poor Niagara”

is what Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly said when she first saw the Iguazu Falls. Although I wouldn´t diss the Niagara Falls, Cataratas do Iguazu is pretty awe-inspiring. The name of the falls, which are located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, derives from the Guarani words i (water) and uazu (big), and that´s exactly what it is. The sheer number of different falls (275) is astonishing, but it´s the power of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) which is truly breathtaking.

We visited the falls first from the Brazil side, and on the second day from the Argentinian side. Many people say the latter offers better views, but I think both offer an awesome experience! In Argentina we took a speed boat trip under some of the ´smaller´ falls, which was refreshing after all the waiting (see below).

Our trip to the Argentinian side was hampered both ways by a road barricade 10km before the entrance to the Iguazu national park. The local parents were demonstrating against poor conditions in the local schools, and wanted to get more attention for their cause by blocking the access to one of the major touristic attractions in Argentina. Fortunately even they had to have lunch, and all the cars, buses and lorries were let through after a 2.5hr wait.  On the way back it was a mere 45 min wait until the protesters gave up and went home.