Uyuni, Uyuuniiii!

After Potosi we took off for Uyuni and the Salt Flats, it was another 6 hour bus journey through bumpy gravel roads, but the scenery was really spectacular – amazing mountain ranges and lamas all over the place!

Uyuni is a town out in the middle of salty nowhere, not much going on apart from the tours to the salt flats and the amazing pizza (see below).

You wont believe the salt flats until you see them – huge expanses of bright white salt, stretching out for miles. We cruised into them in our 4WD jeeps, it was so much fun. We stopped off for lunch at a small salt hotel (made from salt bricks), it reminded me of the Police song “Tea in the Sahara”. After that we did our first round of taking crazy photos – basically you get really weird effects with the aid of well placed props and people because you dont get a sense of perspective out there. Check out our photos soon for some crazy shots!

We also went to visit some really cool caves nearby which had fossiled coral in them, and an ancient Indian burial cave (cue poltergeist music), a sort of island in the middle of the flats that had crazy giant cacti, and stayed the night in a salt hotel – which was actually remarkably comfortable!

Oh, and for the Pizza lovers out there, this town has AMAZING PIZZA. We stayed in the Tonito hotel, and as its restaurant it has a brilliant bar/restaurant that makes killer pizzas. Its owned by an American guy, i think he ran some pizzerias in Italy too. Man, he knows his stuff! Sanni and I highly recommend the spicy Llama pizza.






2 responses to “Uyuni, Uyuuniiii!”

  1. Martin Avatar

    The young man agreed
    He would satisfy their need
    So they danced for his pleasure
    With a joy you could not measure
    They would wait for him here
    The same place every year
    Beneath the sheltering sky
    Across the desert he would fly

    I love that song!

    Glad to see you’re having fun. I look forward to the crazy shots.

  2. Marco Avatar

    man ok I get it! you guys want some of our pizza upon your return. ok ok !