Mothering Sunday

Woke up at 5.30, then half fell asleep before getting up at 7.30 to get things ready for a nice Mother’s Day breakfast. Went to pick up some beautiful flowers from our local florist. The shop was full of different orders waiting to be picked up, with slightly furtive staff.

Then I went to pickup the Car Club car, which didn’t go so well. The app was blocked, and I couldn’t get into the car so I had to wait 30mins on a phone call to Enterprise. Finally got it unlocked, but then had another 10mins trying to figure out how to start the Hybrid car. It also kept making a beeping sound, with a notice about the collision detection system being broken.

Took all the mountains of cardboard from our garage that had been building up as our loft extension neared the end, only just managed to get it all to fit in the little Toyota Yaris. The fault notice kept beeping.

We had plans to drive to Knoll gardens, but then heard that they had shut due to Covid-19. So instead we went to a nearby wood to have a nice walk. Being in a wood is really good for your soul. And the car stopped beeping at me.

Then another round of painting doors and radiators, to get our home office ready for homeworking! It’s going to be interesting.

It was a beautiful sunny day today, a little cold. The Tesco we stopped at on the way back was not scarily devoid of groceries. People were out and about, but sensibly keeping to themselves. I might not watch the news today, and just enjoy today for what it was.

A lovely Mothering Sunday.