Week 1 – Monday

So it begins.

Yesterday I was folding up the laundry, and there was quite a few of the kids’ school clothes in the mix – jumpers, cardigans, grey trousers…as I was folding I realised that this set might well now not be worn again by the kids. Somehow a little sad.

So today we got up as agreed (we have a schedule for each day, agreed by everyone), and it was a special morning as Sanni turned 45! We sang Happy Birthday, had breakfast, and started the day at 9am – kids opened up Google Classroom, we opened emails and Slack.

On this first day the kids did great – hardly any supervision needed, they completed their assignments and are now free to have fun in the afternoon. Really proud of them.

Still avoiding looking at the worst headlines – I know this is going to take a long time, and it’s unclear if there’s ever going to be a complete end to it. I’m just trying not to take stock too much, just accept things as they are, stay home, stay safe, stay sane.