Best of Australia 2006

Another ‘best of’ collection of shots taken whilst I was off down under in 2006/7 for an extended break.

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Best of New Zealand 2006

This is a “best of” collection of photos that I took whilst on my month-long bus tour around New Zealand, way back in 2006.

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Where the bloody hell are ya?

Seagull by Sydney Harbour

Seagull by Sydney Harbour

London, that’s where!

That’s it folks! I’m back safe and sound, got some crazy jetlag after a marathon 24 hour journey back to London. It was very odd getting on the tube at Heathrow, the underground map looked simpler than it had before.

It’s been a great 8 months and I can’t quite process being back yet, but I am glad about both going away and coming back- it’s been a necessary trip away from it all, but now I’m glad to be back to it all!

I declare this blog closed for now 🙂

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Final trip

Currently at SIngapore airport for re-fuel, experienced the delights of the airports cactus garden, and the dubious bonus of Cliff Richard songs playing in the, this is a long mission.

Thanks for reading, this is probably about it for now!

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Back in Sydney (again)

It’s actually nice being back in Sydney, this time I decided to stay on the North Shore, just next to the Harbour Bridge in Kirribili. Got my own room with pretty good breakfast, I’m really close to the shore, it’s great! I forgot how much more tropical Sydney feels, it’s def got that humidity in the air. I’ll post some pics from this side of the town before i go, the view looking from the bridge over to the opera house and the city is superb! Ah, if only I had money….

Met up with yet another friend from England, Ben, who is going to do basically what I did, come out and do some working and traveling and see how it goes! Of course I’m a little envious now, but I know its because now I’ve got a week left which is gonna go smoothly and i don’t have to think about finding a room to share and jobs here etc etc

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Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Sovereign Hill, Ballarat

Went on a day trip to see the recreated Gold mining town at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, and despite it being quite chilly there it was a really good day out! Best bits were going down the mineshafts, amazing to think about the conditions people worked in back then, and also made me identify a little more with the plight of the previously trapped Tasmanian miners! Scary!

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2 movies

First, don’t go and see The New World. I think Terence Malick is pretty amazing as a director, and does shoot this movie incredibly well in terms of cinematography- it’s very poetic. However there is no excuse for putting out a movie of such incredible tedium, it’s totally over-indulgent and would have been fine if he had cut the last hour of the movie out.

Second, everyone needs to see In The Shadow Of The Palms – Iraq.

This is a movie that everyone should see, especially in England and the
USA. After watching this you cannot help but be moved by the
realisation of what is happening to ordinary Iraqis, it’s a total
disgrace. If, like me, you couldn’t quite connect on an emotional
humanitarian level with what is happening there, because of the spin
given to the conflict by western media, this will certainly change

This is a remarkable piece of film making, not only because it is the
only footage I have seen that shows the reality of war for Iraqis, and
because it is so well shot and put together. Well done Wayne
Coles-Janess .

The lost video diaries

I actually took some short video clips before I left, a month ago, and today as a real reminder of some of the key stages in my trip these past 8 months. So below we have todays wrap up, but there’s the 7 month clip, and the pre trip clip. Apologies for my formal video speaking mode, must be the ingrained public school boy in me appearing in interview situations. Sheesh. (anyway, these are more for me too look back on than anything else).

Sunday thoughts

Hmm, just occurred to me that soon this blog is going to sleep – I like to think I’m not such a geek that I’d carry on blogging at home! Photos yes, bla bla no. Unless I make a separate one. Who knows.

So anyway, there might still be time for one or two more stories before I head back to London (only 3 weeks to go!!)…but currently I’m just staying in, doing work again for good old Investis, and trying to get a new room mate in here to take my place…. so not much to tell I’m afraid 🙂

And now for promotion, if you like music and want a good COMMERCIAL FREE radio station, check out

It’s not going to give you edgy underground music, but it does play lots of stuff I like, alternative stuff, sometimes alt country etc…check it out, I don’t know of a better station! And Bill the DJ sounds pretty chilled out.

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