Many years ago I also wrote about my travels.

Designing Voice User Interfaces


Chatbots are taking over! GUIs and NUIs are so last year! Artificial Intelligence is so darn good and freely available that you can just speak and make it so.

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How to improve your Responsive Design process

Responsive Design — or designing in a multi device world- is very challenging, but also very exciting and rewarding when it works well. However, agencies are finding that they need to change the way that they approach build and design because otherwise designing for a multitude of screen sizes becomes extremely painful (and expensive).

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How to write great content for your audience

Hemingway at his desk

Good writing on the web takes commitment and skill. It’s the difference between a website with a great user experience and a mediocre one, yet we still struggle to give it the same importance as we do to web design and build.

Why many websites fail to engage

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A design history of

I guess I've had a site of my own since about 1999. I recently re-built this site, mostly because my Wordpress install kept falling prone to various vulnerabilites, but also because I tend to redesign it every couple of years out of boredom and a need to express where I'm at.

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RWD - where my journey began


So stoked that I found this page in an old notebook of mine. I used it when I went to the FOWD 2010 conference, and heard a talk by Ethan Marcotte that changed my whole approach to making websites.

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My favourite MP3 player of all time

Sleek, light, shiny perfection.

It worked, stored almost 4GB of songs, didn't get updates that slowed it down to a crawl, and didn't require your facetime all that much.

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Coffee anyone?


I know this is an established design, but I bet most people don't understand the affordance in this lid for getting liquid out and into your cup.

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